I am the master of my fate.


  Is not really think people, they do not get what had, because their talent or the strength, lack of perseverance, did not dare to play it?


  When we climb a high mountain, we will find more mountains.


  When I walked out of the cell towards the road leading to the door for free, I already know. If I had failed to pain and resentment left behind, so in fact I in prison.


  I dream of, through the African leaders to work together to solve all kinds of problems in Africa, Africa to achieve a unified. I dream of the vast desert, dense forests, and the endless wilderness.


  When we decide to take up arms, it is because the only choice we have left is to give in to the slave system.


  If you communicate with one another in a foreign language, you are only in his mind; if you communicate with him in his native language, you can go deep into his heart.


  The greatest glory in life is not in never falling, but in rising every time that you fall. I appreciate this kind of flexible life, happy experience of wind and rain, smile to life.


  Our human compassion to our relationships with each other closely, not be pity or condescending, but as has to know how to put our common misery into the future hope of mankind.


  The dark shadow of terror approximation.


  I soon realized that I had to open up my own way with my own ability rather than by descent.


  I have finished my role, but now unknown to the public life. I want to go back home in the village, childhood frolicking hillside walk.


  Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.


  Under the bludgeonings of chance.


  There is a dream to build a better South Africa, there is a path to the dream. Kindness and forgiveness are two of them.


  Freedom is invisible to the touch, the people of my people who wear a yoke is equal to all people who are wearing shackles, and my people who are wearing shackles is also equal to my body also wearing shackles.


  After Mandela, there was a man. We have a lot of young people.


  It is the law that makes me a criminal, but my sin is not because of what I do, but because of my claim, because of my thought, because of my conscience.


  But I do not bow head broken and bleeding.


  No matter how much punishment bear.


  Reveal the soul of a society, the most acute way is to see the way the society treats the child.


  To know the soul of a society, to see the way the society treats the child, there is no better way than that.


  Courage is not the person who does not feel afraid, but those who can overcome their fear of people.


  Through the night that covers me.


  The most important things in life are not just or, but the different things that we bring to life. This is the meaning of life.


  The Freedom Trail from the uneven, many of us have had to pass through the valley of death over and over again, in order to reach the pinnacle of the desire.


  No one is born to be brave, to be brave is not to be afraid, but to pretend to be brave, and to learn to overcome the fear.


  Everything seems impossible until it is finished.


  I have discovered a secret, that is, after climbing a mountain, you will find that there are more mountains to climb.


  The greatest glory of humanity is not in never falling, but in rising every time it falls.


  No one is born with the color, the background, the religion, but the other people. If people can learn to hate, they can also be taught to love. For a man's heart, love is more natural than hate.


  If you with others listen to understand the language and talk to, then you would only say his brain in; but if you with others of the native language and talk to, then you can when it comes to his heart.


  If you want to build peace with your enemy, you must work with your enemy. That he'd be your comrade.


  No matter how narrow the gate.


  I have not winced nor crying.


  I will never give in, and the struggle is not over for me, but in different forms.


  Only a free man can negotiate, and the man in prison has no qualification to negotiate. Your freedom and my freedom are inseparable.


  Back to a place that has not changed, but found that they have changed, there is nothing more wonderful.


  We can humble as dust, can not be distorted as maggots.


  Although I am a person who likes to socialize, but I prefer loneliness, I hope that their own opportunities to make their own plans, to think, to plan their own.


  Thank God almighty.


  I hate racism, whether it is from the black or white racism from, in my opinion, is a savage.


  I have no other special belief, but our cause is just, this is very powerful, and has won more and more support.


  No regime on earth can prevent the oppressed people from fighting for their freedom.


  But don't get used to the darkness is dark defense; nor for their struggling and proud; do not ridicule those braver than you. We can humble as dust, but can not be distorted as maggots.


  When a man is denied the right to life, he has no choice but to become an offender.


  In and out of the cell, through the door to freedom at that moment, I knew, if not the sadness and bitterness left behind, so he is still in prison.


  If you want to get along well with your enemy, you must work with him. And he'll be your partner.


  No one is born to hate another person because of the color of the skin, the place of birth, or the religious belief. Hate the need to learn, since people can learn to hate, then the same can teach them to love. Love is easier to walk into the heart of man than hate.


  I have experienced a lot of dark moments, in those moments, my belief in human nature has been severely tested, but I do not want to, but also can not let themselves to despair. To succumb to despair is to fail and to die.


  Let all people have work, bread, water, and salt.


  For the sake of peace, brave men are not afraid of tolerance.


  I look at non violence in Gandhi's model. Non violence can not be regarded as a sacred principle, but should be seen as a strategic and tactical use of the need for the situation.


  Hope seems to be infinite, at this time I was like a long journey to reach the end. But in fact, this is only the first step in a longer and longer journey, and it will continue to test me in a way that I didn't even think of at the time.


  I'm basically an optimist. As to whether it is innate or acquired, I am not sure. As an optimist, you need to look up the face of the sun, striding forward.


  I know that courage does not mean that there is no fear, but to overcome the fear. A brave man is not the one who has no fear, but the one who can conquer the fear.


  Even the dark as twenty-seven years in prison, Mandela has never stopped the pace of the darkness, calm, sonorous walking. The cage blocking his voice, but he did not lost and lost, just silence brewing. Mandela shall not break the seven square metres of zinc leather room. He never decadent, or sad, just crouched in the corner quietly waiting for an opportunity to come. Finally, he in the world cheers and regained his freedom, tired eyes with expectation, the residual shell still can be turned into dust, swirling in the world, continue to meet the glorious years.


  To create success, not by money, but to have the freedom to create success.


  If you want to live in peace with the enemy, you must fight side by side with the enemy. Enemies will also be friends.


  In order to say "enough" we spent a lot of time to fight. This matter will always exist for all people who have conscience, as a kind of accusation and challenge.


  The greatest glory in living is not in never falling, but in rising every time.


  Human error is always a war, and the price is usually expensive. It is precisely because we know that such a tragedy to happen, we made the decision of the armed struggle to appear so cautious and helpless.


  Give me the soul that cannot be conquered.


  When I walked out of the cell towards the road leading to free the prison gates, I already know. If I had failed to pain and resentment left behind, so I actually still in hell.


  Let black and white become brothers, South Africa to prosperity and development.


  The best way to say goodbye to hate is to forgive.


  The important thing in life is not only we have lived through the mere fact that, but we make the lives of others what to change. That determines the meaning of life.


  Democracy requires respect for the political rights of minority people.


  One's success is not in never falling, but in rising after falling.


  In the colonial countries for freedom, the Communists have always played an active role, because the short-term goal of communism always and liberation movement, the long-term goals are consistent.


  Having liberty is not only a means to free itself from its chains, but it also means to live in a way that respects and promotes the freedom of others.


  Let freedom control everything. For such a brilliant human achievement, the sun will never cease to shine.


  When I walked out of the cell towards the road leading to free the prison gates, I know, but if they cannot be thrown bitterness and resentment, then I really still in prison.